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Residential cleaning services 1.2/ sqm , couch/ sofa cleaning $ 25 - 30 , Garden maintenance services $ 25 - 250

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small business loans for any purpose. please contact us for more info and interest rates

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Wed design and web-based software development.

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We are one of the best up coming educational academy with the scope of marking students excel in both theoretical and practically enhance sound knowledge and understanding through using different educational instruments including practical

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Makoni Herbal Tea is produced from the leaves of the Fadogia ancylantha bush that grows mostly in the Eastern Highlands area of Zimbabwe. Makoni Herbal tea is traditionally used to boost the immune system, build stamina, treat abdominal pain, includi...

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The resurrection tea is a very refreshing beverage produced from a shrubby plant (Myrothamus flabellifolius) known for its aromatic flavor.Resurrection Tea contains no caffeine and is a strong blend which contains important minerals that are essentia...

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Study abroad at affordable fees ranging from USD3500 per year, scholarships available.

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Study in Malaysia, Cyprus and the Ukraine.

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Earn more Income through Partnering with Syntek Global. With Distributors growing all over the world. Team up with friends and relatives in all corners of the earth. Work at your own pace and meet your dream goals.Email. mtz.savefuel@gmail.comWeb. ww...

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Build a bed with wheels, PIMP it out, and race down the raod with it, all in aid of cancer awareness

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WordMe Daily devotional Mobile application for android, iOS, windows (Put Icon)Get our app customized for your church and has your messages or teachings, church name, logo and vision. You don

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In our modern society, snoring and the resulting sleep deprivation can be a real problem. Snoring can be originated from an array of causes, from a misaligned jaw to an obstructed nasal passage that is not allowing comfortable and free flowing breath...

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Places are available for your child .

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We are private lending firm,We offer Loans at low interest rate of to any Interested Individual personal. We are governmental Registered authorized financial helper. for more information on how to obtain our Loans contact us today via email: (mrhamdn...

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