Click & Collect

Click and Collect

Click and collect is all about customers making a purchase online on our website using our guaranteed unique system. Customers can buy with ease and go collect their purchased goods in store or from an agreed location with the seller. It’s the only one of a kind, designed and patterned by SaveMari .This system will grantee you as a customer, that you will get what you paid for as advertised on the SaveMari store(s) or your money back. When making a purchase using our Click & Collect system, customer(s)/buyer(s) are issued a PIN number that locks their money until their goods/services are delivered. When the buyer/ customers’ money leaves their account, it will go into a secure escrow account, where no seller/ store owner has access to. When the customer or buyer is happy with your goods and services, then you will exchange your goods/ services with the PIN. The seller, or store owner will then activate the PIN so that they can get their money from the secure escrow account. We’ve developed this unique digital platform allowing both buyers & sellers to offer a revolutionary shopping experience trading online with ease and in a transparent manner. Our click and Collect system is what online shoppers have been waiting for!