Online Stores

To have an online store on will take you only 10 -20 minutes, we have developed our website in a way that will enable you to quickly fill in your details thereby saving you time. Basically, to have an online store is creating your website on our savemari site. You will be taking your whole physical business or store, and placing it online at, thereby taking your business to another level. You will be able to share your store with anyone in the world, on Facebook, Whats-app,Twitter, LinkedIn and anywhere online, you can even add your store address on your business card. Imagine if someone wants to refer your business to someone who is in the UK, how will they do that if you are not online? Once you have an online store with us. We will take you to new territories around the world just by a click of a button. You will be able to reach out to Zimbabweans scattered across Glob such as the UK, South Africa, Canada, USA, Australia, Dubai, China Singapore and many more other countries. Let’s not forget that we have over 5 million Zimbabweans who are leaving abroad, with an estimate savings of over $800 million dollars in their bank accounts. These people are keen to do business with local businesses here in Zimbabwe. In simple terms, your store and products being seen by customers from all over the world will increase your customer base by over 50%.

The other benefit of having an online store as compared to just a normal advert is that, customers can find more details about your business, hence boosting your customers' confidence. Your customers will be able to give you ratting, write comments, and recommendations on your store. This alone will increase your revenue, and it will give you a chance to make improvements thereby coming out with a much-improved product or service. You will get many links from the diaspora, customers will share your business, encourage more diaspora people to trade with you. Your business will grow beyond your imagination. To subscribe please contact our sales team at