Sponsor and default Adverts

Sponsored & Featured Adverts

Featured ads are a fantastic way of differentiating your ad from the rest in the specific subcategory you’re placing it in. Featured ads also remain above normal ads, which means users will view Featured ads first. The goal behind it is to give more exposure to your ad and generate more leads that results in a faster sale. Our numbers indicate that on average featured ads get 35 times more leads and 18 times more Views on the site over normal ads. These are adverts that are carefully placed on more prime areas of our websites. The featured adverts are the adverts that are seen as soon as you log to our site, just below are featured stores .They are on top of every page. With our featured adverts, there is an 80% chance of been seen by someone browsing and searching for a specific item. When you pay for your advert. Customers will mostly trust paid Featured adverts that Free adverts online.

These are the adverts that come below every single page on our site. They will be running across below every single advert. The system, will select carefully all sponsored advert for that specific advert category. If someone is looking at an advert, the sponsored advert will run below that advert as alternative to what the customer is looking for. Hence giving it a greater 60% chance for someone who will be browsing an adverts to see similar advert below. This will give the customer a better chance to compare thereby increasing the chance of your sponsored advert been seen too.