Broiler Chicken

We are selling our chicken farm 1 day old until 42 day BROILERS with longstan...

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Hy-Line Brown

Hy-Line Brown is the world

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Sussex Light

The Sussex is one of the better known free range chickens. They are excellent...

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Rainbrow Rooster chicken

Rainbow Rooster is dual purpose breed meaning that farmers can keep it for bo...

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Road Runner

Road runner are well know for their good taste. One of the most poplar chicke...

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Partridge Olive Eggers

Partridge Olive Eggers! The partridge plumage consists of hens with warm brow...

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Day old Chick

We do sell all diffrent types of old day chicks. please give us a call and we...

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Small Eggs

Small health organic eggs .$4.50 a crate of 24 eggs

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Large Eggs

Large eggs at $ 5.00 a crate of 24

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