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General Safety Tips & Advices

General Safety Tips & Advices

Savemari basics

People can advertise thousands of things on But it’s not the right place for everything. Before posting, check on our Category and Sub- Category . If you try to advertise one of these and you’ve paid a fee for your ad, you won’t get a refund when we remove your ad.

-       Under 18? 

It’s 18 and over here please.

-       If it’s not in your possession, you can’t sell it

Please avoid to advertise things that are NOT in your possession. 

-       No duplicates please

Don’t create more than one ad for the same item, or create multiple accounts.

-       Don’t leave it live

Once your ad has done its job, delete it. If you don’t, other users might still contact you about it, which is a nuisance for them and you. You could alternatively update the advert to SOLD .

Putting everything in right place  

-       Get the category right 

Our categories work hard to connect the right ad with the right buyer. Please don’t try to get more views or avoid paying our fees by posting in the wrong one. You’ll get better results when your ad appears in the right place.

Writing a great ad 

-       Follow the ad template

Keep website links and contact details in the designated place and out of your ad title, description and photos. Don’t be tempted to spam with keywords.

-       Steer clear of disputes by writing a clear and honest description of your item.

-       Use plain English and keep it clean. That goes for the images you post too. You’re welcome to add a translation in another language in your item description. Ads that clearly state what the item is are easier for users to find.

-       Got a job lot?

You can post multiple items in one ad if you’re selling them together. Otherwise, you’ll need to create individual ads. You may need to pay a fee, depending on what you’re advertising. 

-       The price is right

Clearly state the price you want for your item. You’re welcome to invite near offers if you want, but don’t invite bids. SaveMari  Ltd is not an auction house.

Aim for face-to-face

Don’t say you’ll only send an item in the post. SaveMari Ltd  is a community. We encourage our Buyers & Sellers to meet face-to-face when completing a sale..