What is Click & Collect

We’ve developed a unique digital platform allowing retailers to offer a revolutionary collection experience for their customers by bringing Click and Collect on SaveMari It is all about customers making a purchase at SaveMari using our unique online and secure transaction system,that will guarantee the customer that they will get what they have paid for as per advertised or their money back.


2.How does Click & Collect work?

The system will send an email based on the functions below. (To the Buyer / customer) as follows!.

  1. A) If using a Successful Payment 1, like. (Bank Cards,Paypal,Paynow,Ecocash,Telecash )

   - Provides the buyer (customer) with a PIN code  that will lock your money until you goods / services are delivered,and to check emails for further instructions.

   - Tells the storefront owner (Seller) an order has been placed and to check email for further instructions.

  1. B) Bank Transfer (Tells the buyer the account number, to transfer or deposit the money and reference)

   - Sends a text message to the buyer with an account number,to transfer or deposit the money  and reference to transfer money.

The system will send an email based on the functions below. (To the Seller)

  1. C) Redeem Voucher System Admin 

   - The store front owner explaining a payment will be released shortly.

2) Successful Payment

   - Provides the buyer with a PIN code and how to contact the storefront owner and go collect their goods or services.  and give them the code so that they can activate their payment from the escrow account their personal or business account

How does Click and Collect helps you as customers?

1.Customers who use click and collect get to control of their money until their goods/services are delivered. 

  1. As a customer you will no longer have to worry about bogus sellers, and security about your money, you will have the full control to release your PIN when you are fully satisfied about your goods/services. You will no longer think about missing a delivery again,or your goods missing.

3.You will pick your goods at a much more convenient time for you and the seller.

4.If you BUY an item, and it’s not available in the sellers store. Click and Collect will*protect your money and keep it safe in the escrow account where the sellers has no access too..without your PIN your money will still be protected and no seller will  will be to retrieve it without your approval. 


If you don’t receive any Order Paymnent Confirmation Email at all, check your Spam Folder to make sure they are not accidently delivered there. To ensure that you receive our mailings, please add adverts@savemari.com to your address book